Wrapping Paper Card

Recycle Papers and Card Motifs.

Supply List:

  • Card blank
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Colored or patterned papers and/or wrapping paper

Directions for Caregivers:

Make it a habit to save bits of pretty papers for handmade card-making.

Watch the video together and enjoy making cards together.

This is a fun activity to make around the table. Most suited to a small group.

Early and middle-stage memory care/dementia.

Watch the video together, and gather your supplies.

If the participant(s) is not able to use scissors; deciding on placement of papers, and assisting in pressing down glued pieces makes for active participation.

About this Activity

Recycle Wrapping Paper and Old Greeting Cards in this Project.

Maria shares her design idea for an easy-to-make greeting card.

Hint: If you (or the person you are with) are writing a greeting on the finished card, sometimes it is better to write it on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and glue it in. This way there is no chance of a wrong spelling or other mistake spoils the card.

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Wrapping Paper Card