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DemoWord Searches

Word Search: Colors

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There are words ‘hidden’ in the grid.

You will find them either vertically or horizontally and they can be read forwards or backwards.

Mark them off in the list on the right as you find them and mark them in the grid as well, either circle with a pen or use a highlighter pen.

How you might use this activity:

With Individuals (independent persons), print word search sheet, explain the activity and supply a pen.


Activity along with a caregiver / activity director for the following:

One-on-one activity, print, supply pen and assist as needed.

Group activity, give everyone in the group a word search sheet (the same one), and they often engage and help each other. Go around and assist where needed.

Early stage memory care / dementia, print, supply pen and assist as needed. You may have to find the starting letter of a word and see if the person you are with can work out which direction the word reads in.

This activity is suitable for both men and women

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