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Trigger photos mean just what it says.

They are very good for triggering memories and reminiscing. You can find photos of items from different eras on the internet and in books, or as I did, go to an antique shop or auction premises and ask if you can take some photographs of the items they have on display. You will more than likely find that most people are willing to let you if you explain what they will be used for. This activity is great as it works well with groups and individuals, men and women. It also works well with early and middle stage memory care / dementia and can help with keeping memories alive longer.

These pictures are good conversation starters.

It is really interesting to hear an older person talking about what life was like when they were young. Finding out about people’s background and interests and selecting pictures that are relevant to the person is important. Do they come from a rural background or did they live in a city? Did they have pets? What were their hobbies? When where they born? Can you find pictures of clothing or toys from that era? If you are with an individual as opposed to a group of people, photographs of their family and friends are important. The possibilities are endless.

This is a fantastic way to get a conversation going and one that you will both enjoy.

Trigger photos

Do you know what this was used for? Well, I couldn't guess, but I was told that if you crank the handle, air blows out (at the bottom left) and it is used as an aid in lighting a fire. Adding air to fan the flames.

Trigger photo

A pipe stand, seldom seen these days but can be remembered by many of the older generations.

Trigger photos

Crystal and silver were only brought out for very special occasions and handed down from generation to generation. The crystal was often displayed in a glass-fronted cabinets.

Maria Brady

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