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DemoTrivia Lists

Professions, List from A to Z

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In our trivia section, the lists we offer are guides for you to do mental activities with the people you are working with.

This one is suitable for an Alphabet word game where you set out to find a word on the given topic for each letter of the alphabet. It is a great mental exercise and can give rise to discussion and reminiscence. Print the list of Professions from a to z and use if you have to give clues to answers from the participants.

How you might use this activity:

For individuals / independent persons, see if they can come up with suggestions for each letter on the given topic. Supply pen and paper. Check back later to see how they got on. Good activity for assisted living, home care and residential facilities.


 Along with a caregiver / activity director for the following:

One-on-one activity, use as described above.

Group activity, use as described above. Use whiteboard or individual sheets of paper for the answers.

Early stage memory care / dementia, use as described above.

Middle stage memory care / dementia, use as above. Give more hints and clues to the right answer if needed.

The activity is suitable for both men and women and can be a good social activity.

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