Body & Mind Activites

Staying active as you age is good for everyone.
Browse our variety of activities that can help the mind
and body to stay active and have fun!


Challenge the mind with these fun quizzes.

Word Games

Keep your mind engaged with these entertaining word games.

Brain Games

Challenge the different parts of your brain with these fun games.

Trivia Lists

Use these lists to test your knowledge and memory!

Memory Games

Keep your mind active with a variety of activities to test your memory.

Spot The Difference

This is a great activity for concentration and spacial awareness.


Embrace your mind into old memories and reflections on life

Scenic Videos

Let your loved one experience the beauty of nature.


Take time out to quiet your mind with these calming meditations.

Games & Groups

Find activities that are suitable for groups of seniors with different ability levels.

Exercise & Massage

Keep the body strong and feeling good.

Sensory activities

Sensory Activities

We have five basic senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. For a well-rounded active life try to engage them all in some way during your day.