Message Tree Craft

Maria Demonstrates How to Make a Message Tree.

Supply List:

  • Pliable wire (not too thin as it might bend when you add the pegs)
  • Strong scissors or wire cutters
  • A stone, flat on one side, heavy enough not to fall over when you add wire and clothespins
  • Clothes pegs (decorated with paint or sequin if you like)

Directions for Caregivers:

Watch the video tutorial together. With two people, you can help each other to hold the stone in place while the other person secures or twists the wire.

Watch the video tutorial or explain the activity. It is a good idea to have a finished product to show the group, to know what they are aiming for when making the craft.

This craft message tree is most suitable for early-stage dementia. The person needs to be able to understand and take instruction and have the dexterity required to form the wire.

For later stages of dementia, watching others do an activity can be a fun pastime.

About this Activity

Don't Lose Your Shopping Lists Again!

This is an easy craft project creating a little message tree to hold your shopping lists, to-do lists, or your favorite photos of people or pets.

You need a certain amount of dexterity in your fingers to manage to twist the wire.

You can buy wire on a roll in most craft shops or online.

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