Clay Modelling

Learn How to Manipulate Clay into Different Shapes with Maria and Sheila.

Supply List:

  • Self-drying clay
  • Your hands
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie-cutter Tools for marking the clay

Directions for Caregivers:

Make as described in the video.

Explain the activity and bring the supplies needed.

Get creative with making different shapes.

Explain the activity and bring the supplies needed.

You may also need to give some more repeat instructions.

Watch out for anyone trying to eat the clay.

This is a nice activity as a passive observer, either by watching the video or watching the activity.

There may be a real risk of people trying to eat the clay if taking an active part, so be aware.

About this Activity

Clay Modeling Gives You Good Hand Exercise and a Tactile Sensory Experience.

Let your imagination loose!

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Clay Modelling