Caption the Pictures

What is the title?

Short Description:

Get creative with words in the exercise of Caption the Pictures. Study the pictures; what comes to mind when you see each one?

Write a single word or a short sentence as the title below each image.

Directions for Caregivers:

This is a fun one-on-one activity. Do a couple of images at a time and imagine different scenarios that would make a good title for each picture.

Include some reminiscing. Who is getting married, what is your favorite type of ice cream, etc.?

Print the images for each participant. You might use a whiteboard to write the different captions the group members suggest.

Encourage the group to come up with different scenarios for each image.

Include some reminiscing. Did you ever go on a plane, ride a horse, etc.?

Ask leading questions; Is the cat going to eat the mouse or play with it?

If the person you are with cannot write their own captions, help out and write each once you agree on the best one.

About this Activity

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