Candle Coloring

Candle Coloring Activity

Supply List:

  • Printed image
  • Brush
  • Paints (or coloring pens/markers)
  • Water for cleaning brushes

Directions for Caregivers:

Make painting together a nice social activity. Add a cup of tea and a bit of reminiscing about Christmas  or birthdays.

This is a nice social activity for groups.

Add a cup of tea and a bit of reminiscing about Christmas or birthdays.

Early-stage memory care/dementia.

Supply materials, explain how to use/mix paints. Be on hand to offer support if needed.

Middle stage memory care/dementia.

As above, offer more support if needed and use hand-over-hand assistance if this is appropriate. If a person is reluctant to take part, leaving a brush and page in front of them can often lead to the person picking it up and engaging after a while of watching others paint.

About this Activity

This Free Printable Candle Coloring Page is Nice for Christmas or as a Happy Birthday Wish.

Hint: Don’t forget to paint the background. It will really lift the look of the finished picture.

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Candle Coloring