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DemoWord Clues

The answer to every clue starts with the letter W

The answers to the clues given all start with the letter indicated on top of the page.

There can of course be more than one correct answer.

Mention the relevant starting letter frequently to focus the participant(s) while you do the game. This word game works well both as printed activity for individuals and as the care giver giving the clues verbally.

How you might use this activity:

With Individuals (independent persons), supply printed page and a pen. Check back later to see if they need assistance.


Activity along with a caregiver / activity director for the following:

One-on-one activity, print and supply a pen or read out the clues for the person.

Group activity, if you have one particular group member that is very fast and answering all the questions first, ask that if anyone has already supplied an answer to give others a chance for the next clue. I have one superfast lady who now silently mouths the answer to me and I will nod to her if she is right. That way the others get time to think and participate.

Early stage memory care / dementia, same as group activity.

Middle stage memory care / dementia, give more verbal clues and maybe actions as hints.

This activity is suitable for both men and women .

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