Tea Bag Staining

Re-use Your Teabags in this Video Tutorial with Maria.

Supply List:

  • Teabag
  • Bowl with warm water
  • Printed recipe
  • Blank greeting card
  • Glue and ribbon

Directions for Caregivers:

Decide on a short recipe, nice quote, or maybe a favorite poem.

Print and cut it out in a size that will fit on your blank greeting card.

Teabag stain as described in the video.

To stretch this activity, do your teabag staining in one session, and the next time, make cards with your prints.

Early and mid-stage memory care/dementia.

Participants might like to watch the video before doing the activity.

Supply materials, explain the activity and guide and assist as needed.

About this Activity

Maria Shows You How to Give Papers an Antique Look.

Stain paper using tea bags to make a greeting card with an old-fashioned look.

Search for and print a favorite recipe to stain that you think other people will enjoy.

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Tea Bag Staining