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Search Activities By Ability Level

How to use our search functions

As activity professionals, we work with a wide array of ability levels on a day to day basis. To help you sort through our activities, we recommend using our search function (located in the top right of each page), or using the list of common search term links we have compiled on this page.

Each activity is labeled with the applicable ability levels so that you can easily find the types of activities you need when searching in this way.

Under each activity on our site, you can find an explanation on how to use the activity for each ability level and different variations you can try.

This list is for general guidance only. You know the person(s) you are working with best. We recommend when you are searching for activities to do that you use your own judgement to find the perfect activity fit for the people you are working with.

Happy searching!

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort" - Franklin D Roosevelt