Riddles #1

Give Your Brain a Bit of Exercise with These Riddles!

Short Description:

A riddle is a question, a puzzle, a phrase or statement devised to get unexpected or clever answers that are clever and often funny.

Can you figure out the answers?

Directions for Caregivers:

Riddles can be an excellent one-on-one activity. Just make sure that the person you are understands that it is just for fun, and it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong or not get it at all.

Riddles are a nice “filler” activity and can be fun to do with individuals and groups.

Early-stage dementia. If you repeat the activity now and then, the participants will often start to remember the answers.

About this Activity

Can You Figure the Answer to the Riddle?

Riddles are a great brain exercise and encourage lateral thinking.

Even if you can't figure out or guess the answer, when you hear it, you will often think, "Oh, I should have thought of that!"

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