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Get involved and inspired with Activities Club as well as connected with our community. Our printed booklet arrives at the beginning of the month straight to your door. And this is only the beginning. We host as Activity Social on Zoom on the last Wednesday of each month at 10am MT (9am PT, 11am CT, 12pm ET). This printed mailed booklet is perfect for people that want to read stories, solve puzzles, get crafty and stay connected. It has larger fonts and is designed for higher visibility for ease of reading. Don't let time pass by so slowly. It's more than a booklet of brain teasers, puzzles, and crafts. It has fun, age-appropriate planning pages, exercises, a monthly recipe, and a story. All made fresh monthly with love by Maria. And don't forget the Monthly Activities Club meeting on Zoom. It's like a book club, but focused on activities and positive aging. This group is full of people who want to make more connections and have fun together.

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Dive into our example booklet. Our booklets cover topics that will engage you mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. We believe these four components are vital to maintaining a healthy and holistic approach to aging gracefully. We also incorporate an area to track your progress to help you stay organized and motivated.


Maria’s Place is a holistic approach to aging gracefully. Maria’s Place provides tools that touch upon four major components that can help one thrive and stay independent for as long as possible. These components are mental, social, emotional, and physical. See below for more details.


To keep our brains engaged, we must challenge and hone our minds throughout our lives. Wherever you are mentally, you will find a challenge in this activity booklet. Guaranteed to tease the brain and keep you sharp.


We are social beings meant to connect with others.

Be it in the same room or from afar, our craft activity is a wonderful way to connect with a relative such as a grandchild. Our recipe of the month provides a similar social arm. Join us on the last Wednesday of each month for our Zoom Activity Social.

We also provide a highlighted story of a Maria’s Place community member each month in our activity booklet. Giving you an opportunity to reminisce and, if you like, share your own experience with us.


Processing emotions via self-reflection is an integral part of our holistic health. Without allowing mind and body to process emotions and events in our lives, we can feel stuck and dissatisfied.

Our journal prompts direct our clients to reflect upon mind, body, spirit, and action so they can move easier through emotional hurdles or blockages. These journal prompts will help facilitate the silver linings of life and emote gratitude and positive emotions.


Our activities, from crafts to yoga to recipes, focus on physical dexterity. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”  Our goal is to develop activities that can provide dexterity challenges and engagement to keep us physically sharp.


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Do you have an older person in your life who you think would enjoy this? This is a wonderful gift to keep them engaged each month!

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