Activity Booklet

From: $15.00 / month

We are excited to announce the launch of our individual activity booklets! Available monthly to keep your loved ones mind sharp and entertained. Maria’s Place’s mission is to elevate the quality of life of our aging community via crafts and specific activities that can keep the mind sharp. These monthly activity booklets do just that. Consider them your new favorite coffee table piece. For an additional charge you can opt to receive the supplies to go with the craft activity that is included in the booklet. 

Maria’s Place Activity booklets include:

  • Highlighted story’s of a special Maria’s Place Community Member
  • Productivity Section
    • Including a monthly calendar and progress tracking page for goals and to do’s.
  • Journaling Section
    • This section includes 4 unique journal prompts that focus on the mind, body, spirit and action. There is also room to journal in the booklet.
  • 5 of our tried and true brain teasers
    • Demonstrated effective in keeping our aging population’s minds engaged and sharp.
  • Monthly Recipe
    • To inspire you and your loved one. Recipes are a great way to incorporate sensory stimulation through taste, smell, touch and sight. These are provided in the booklets to encourage the practice of focusing while enjoying a delicious treat. 
  • Weekly Zoom Social Hour with Maria’s Place
    • To guide our participants through the different sections of the booklet. We have fun conversations, spend time getting to know each other and set goals for each month. Our passion is to provide motivation, support and accountability.

Available only in the US. Free Shipping. 


Why buy this product? What are the health benefits?

Maria’s Place is a holistic approach to aging gracefully. Maria’s Place provides tools that touch upon four major components that can help one thrive and stay independent for as long as possible. These components are mental, social, emotional, and physical. See below for more details.


To keep our brains engaged, we must challenge and hone our minds throughout our lives. Wherever you are mentally, you will find a challenge in this activity booklet. Guaranteed to tease the brain and keep you sharp.


We are social beings meant to connect with others.

Be it in the same room or from afar, our craft activity is a wonderful way to connect with a relative such as a grandchild. Our recipe of the month provides a similar social arm. Recipes are great activities to do if you are far from your loved ones. You can easily cook together at a distance via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.

We also provide a highlighted story of a Maria’s Place community member each month in our activity booklet. Giving you an opportunity to reminisce and, if you like, share your own experience with us.


Processing emotions via self-reflection is an integral part of our holistic health. Without allowing mind and body to process emotions and events in our lives, we can feel stuck and dissatisfied.

Our journal prompts direct our clients to reflect upon mind, body, spirit, and action so they can move easier through emotional hurdles or blockages. These journal prompts will help facilitate the silver linings of life and emote gratitude and positive emotions.


Our activities, from crafts to recipes, focus on our clients’ physical dexterity. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”  Our goal is to develop activities that can provide dexterity challenges and engagement to keep us physically sharp.

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  1. Wendy Miller

    I love Maria’s Place Activity Booklets and look forward to a different one each month. My mother is almost 98 and is comfortable with pencil and paper (versus online). But, it is hard to find a variety of activities in one resource that are fun and at the right level of challenge without buying a whole book of easy crossword puzzles or word searches, for example, that I end up throwing out. The booklets have just the right amount of activities so it isn’t daunting and is fun to look through and find something to do. My mother has a number of caregivers and this gives them something they can easily do with her (but I’ve caught them doing some of the activities themselves because they appeal to everyone). The Activity Booklets provide a much-needed resource for activities she can pick up and put down according to her attention span and interest. Thank you Maria’s Place!

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