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Here's how we can make your life easier:

1. Lesser prep time for activities

Do you find yourself spending endless hours coming up with and preparing activities for each day? We want to take this struggle away by supplying you an endless source of activities!

2. Fresh Ideas

Have you been using the same activities over and over again? It is common to feel stumped when trying to expand and deliver new activities constantly. We can help here! We have a wide range of activities that take the guesswork out of it for you.

3. Continuously Updated Content

Our activity library continuously grows, so there is always something new coming your way! We strive to offer a wide variety of activities so everyone can keep trying new ideas.

4. One Stop Shop

Find everything you need in one place. We offer a wide range of
activities as well as directions for each and supply lists.

5. How To Videos

Our HD videos are easy to understand and show exactly how to complete each activity from crafts to seasonal activities and tasty recipes. Along with the videos, we also provide a list of ingredients and supplies needed to complete each task.

6. Passive Engagement

The people you are caring for will enjoy a relaxing moment with our beautiful scenic films and guided meditations. These videos can also give you a relaxing break in the day.

7. Print and go

Challenge the brain with our wide variety of word games, puzzles, quizzes and more. They are all easily printable so you can easily facilitate a fun activity!

8. Easy to use platform

Our well organized library of activities will make it easy for
you to find what you are looking for quickly.

9. Happier Residents!

Everyone loves to do new things and a challenge is always welcome. When residents are given the chance to engage in a variety of activities, their lives improve.

10. Improved Activity Program Reputation

Every family wants their loved one to have a great experience in their chosen aging facility. A well rounded activity program is what sets the best facilities apart from the rest.

Ready to learn more?


Maria’s Place is here to help you find new ideas to enhance your days and bring some good
old fashioned fun into your life! We offer activities of all sorts, from crafting to relaxing to challenging your brain. All can be done individually or with the person you are caring for.

Many of our activities can be modified for different capability levels.
We are continuously adding new activities so come back often to find more.
I hope you enjoy - Maria

What is Maria’s Place?

At Maria's Place we believe that activity and life-long learning are cornerstones for a fulfilling life. We are committed to guiding caregivers to engage fully with those they care for in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

Creative Activites

A collection of activity ideas and tips for the social, mental and physical wellbeing of older adults.


Lots of easy to make creative projects to do with individuals or groups.


Maria shares her experiences as a nursing home activity director.


Nutritional and fun recipes to make with the person you are caring for.

Body and Mind Activities

Staying active as you age is proven to be beneficial for memory, mood, mobility, strength, mental capacity and social wellbeing

Quizzes & Word Games

Fun activities to challenge the brain and engage with others.

Quiet the Mind

Scenic videos, images, meditations and articles to relax the mind.


Simple seated exercises and how-to massage videos.

See what our customers have to say

Well, I have discovered Maria's Place and must say it has become a special addition to my life. I was a very busy mom along with my husband and now that our six daughters have grown up I took the challenge to return to work. Traveling on the train into Dublin I receive a “Time Out” email from Maria's Place every Wednesday morning. It refreshes the beautiful memories we all have as children growing up right into adulthood. A tonic for the heart. Time Out gives lots of interesting thoughts and helpful ideas.

Pauline M.Time Out Newsletter Testimonial

Maria’s Place website has been a wonderful innovative resource for all of us in St Elizabeth’s Nursing Home including staff and the families of our residents. We have learned to use the activities for the residents, and we have witnessed great improvement in the physical and mental abilities of the residents who now take an interest in the activities programme. When we give feedback to families we promote Maria’s Place so that they can use the website as a resource and practice the activities with the resident. Maria’s Place website is easy to use; the activities are explained very well and easily understood.

Brenda K.St Elizabeth’s Nursing Home

Maria's Place is a wonderful resource for all carers who need support or simply want to learn new ideas and activities. Their ethos acknowledges the stresses associated with care giving and provides simple advice and strategies to help carers. The simple ideas for activities are suitable for young and old without huge financial outlay and we highly recommend supporting this innovative and much welcome resource.

Helen MackenDirector of Learning and Development

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