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9 Letter SquaresDemo

9 Letter Word Square, #12

Find as many words as possible made from the letters in the grid.

Each letter may only be used once.


  • Use any letter in any order to form a word of any length
  • Always include the central letter in the words
  • Include names
  • Make words with a minimum of 3 or four letters

What you need:

Printed page

Blank sheet for writing answers


Or, do the game on a whiteboard for groups and those that are not able to write. Be sure to use a wipeable whiteboard marker.

How you might use this activity:

For Individuals (independent persons), provide the person with a printed page, pen and paper, explain how to do it if needed. They will do it in their own time.


Along with a caregiver / activity director for the following:

One-on-one activity, Find the words together, give clues if needed. Maybe ask them to find words starting with a particular letter if they are stuck, this is a little easier. Write the found words in columns with all the words in each column starting with the same letter. This makes it easier to see which words you have already found.

Group activity, Use as above. Give out individual sheets, or use a large whiteboard. You write their answers for all to see.

Early stage memory care / dementia, use as explained in one-on-one activity.

Middle stage memory care / dementia, use as explained in one-on-one activity. Don’t limit the number of letters you can use in any word. Include names and plurals. Any recognizable word or name is OK.

This activity is suitable for both men and women and both a mental and social activity if done with others.

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