10 Ways to Give Your Caregiving a Boost

1. Be mindful, see your loved one as they are/feel in that moment.

This is very important, particularly with dementia.

2. Let your loved one do what

they can still do.

Sometimes life runs away from us and it’s easier to do something for somebody than take the time and let them do it for themselves. This can become a habit and may make the person more dependent and less inclined to take on tasks. Letting your loved one do more, within their capabilities, will empower and instill confidence in him/her.

3. Acknowledge their input into
the caregiving situation.

Making choices in life help to stimulate the brain and to feel included in your life and what you are doing. Simple choices like: would you like to wear your red socks or your blue socks? Would you like chicken or salad for dinner today? Including your loved one’s input in the day can make a difference in their engagement and self esteem.

4. Try not to be dismissive,

listen to concerns.

Your loved one may have something on their mind. It is important to them to be heard. Sometimes it takes a little bit of detective work to figure out what a problem is, but it is worth the effort. This can help your loved one feel safe, relaxed and noticed.

5. Make sure your loved one

knows what you are talking about.

As we age, we take longer to process information. Particularly with dementia, being given a lot of information at the one time can be very confusing. Break a task up into small pieces and take your time communicating. It will go a long way towards clear understanding.

6. Accept outside help.

We all need time out for ourselves. Accept offers of help, and if these are not forthcoming, reach out to others so you can get some YOU time. Taking time to nurture yourself will improve your caregiving because you will be able to put the best version of yourself into caregiving. You would be surprised how many people will help if you just ask.

7. Encourage their interests.

What does/did your loved one like to do in their life? What are some of their favorite memories? Interests can be modified for different capabilities. A reader with poor eyesight might like to listen to an audiobook. A keen gardener might like to make a small flower arrangement or plant a window box. Modify tasks to fit their current situation. Maybe they will teach you something.

8. Encourage new experiences.

Ever tried making an ornament for a festive occasion? Learning new things is important for everyone. Learning actually increases the neuroplasticity in your brain, making it easier for your brain to adapt and stay active. Doing things together can strengthen your bond and give your loved one the feeling of connection and social interaction. So go ahead and try something fun and new for yourself and your loved one!

9. Give one-to-one attention.

We all have a need to be noticed and seen. Try turning off all distractions and just being with your loved one. Maybe this is in the form of a cup of tea and a chat or playing a game of chess together. A hand massage is always appreciated. Maybe it is just sitting together watching the sunset.

10. Remember that it is the illness

that sometimes changes a person’s behavior.

Oftentimes, people who have brain injuries, infections, dementia, and other ailments, can act out of character. Remember that this is the illness talking and it is not personal. Just try to be understanding and patient in these moments.

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